Welcome to Discount Excess Baggage

Discount Excess Baggage provides solutions to help people save more when they travel. Excess baggage often burdens many travellers. There are times when excess luggage costs most than the actual airfare. Our service gives people the opportunity to transport their luggage from airport to airport without spending a fortune. We comply strictly to customs clearance and airport regulations. Our team works exclusively with travellers carrying accepted or permitted items to customs controlled airports and specified entry points. Finding a reliable provider is important especially when entrusting your personal belongings and other important items. We have a team of highly trained professionals experienced in airport baggage handling.

Competitive Rates

As airport excess baggage rates can be expensive, we strive to provide people with more affordable options. Compared to airline prices and similar providers, we have favourable prices - this already a includes nominal airline handling fee. Depending on your destination, items usually arrive within 8-10 days. Any extensions depend on the security holding period of the departure airport. We aim to ensure timely delivery of your items using quality airlines and the ability to track your excess baggage shipment.

Excess Baggage Worldwide

Discount Excess Baggage expands to different agents across the globe continually. Our operations now include Australia (Perth), UK (London), New Zealand (Auckland), South Africa and Singapore. We can provide services to cater for different worldwide luggage transportation needs. Our team also offers pick-up services in several Metropolitan areas. Depending on the location, we can provide complete luggage transportation services. This involves carrying your luggage from your office or home to the airport. Other services include after hours and weekend collection, paperwork, baggage weighing and payment processing. We cater to all clients with excellence and satisfaction in mind. Our team works constantly to provide solutions exceeding client expectations. We gather feedback and suggestions from our customers regularly to develop and improve our services. With many service providers around, you need to have a reliable baggage handler. Our team of experts guarantees efficient and timely solutions. We have a proven track record of on-time deliveries in Perth and worldwide. We are committed to protecting our client's privacy. All information and items you entrust us with are safe from third party access and intervention. Browse our website for more information on our services and rates. You can also contact our team for inquiries.