Pick up

Discount Excess Baggage provides baggage solutions to help travellers save on their expenses. Excess baggage usually takes a toll on travellers especially when they cost more than their fare. Our aim is to address expensive baggage fees and provide efficient and affordable solutions. We specialize on unaccompanied baggage and pick up services.

You can access our pick up service in most cities, particularly in Metropolitan areas. Contact us to schedule an appointment and enquire about specific service options. We have local offices ready to answer client queries.

Depending on the location, we have a team all set to collect packages in specified cities. Our services also include after hours and weekend pick up. We conduct on-site baggage weigh in, paperwork, and payment processing. There is no package too small or big for us to handle. Our team can collect packages as big as bike-boxes or surfboards. Get in touch with our team to know more about other Discount excess baggage pick up options.

Drop Off

We also provide drop-off options across different metropolitan locations. Simply drop off your baggage to our designated metro offices. Contact our local office for their business hours and other service choices.

We observe customs regulations and similar policies strictly. We advise customers to refer to generally classified dangerous goods for reference on permissible and prohibited items. Penalties apply for packages containing banned products.

Discount Excess Baggage works with reputable airlines and carries. Our goal is to provide baggage transport services in an efficient, timely, and cost-effective manner. We prioritize customer satisfaction and safety of all belongings and packages. We have highly trained personnel with proven record of on-time and well-organized deliveries.

We understand the importance of keeping confidentiality. We assure clients all of their personal belongings, including personal information, remain protected at all times.

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