Discount Excess Baggage specializes on unaccompanied baggage solutions. We offer affordable services, helping you transport your items from one destination to another. Travelers often pay more for their excess baggage than their airfare. Our goal is to provide baggage transport services to give people more opportunities to cut on their luggage expenses. We can do the following for you:

      • Pick-up services this applies to Metropolitan areas. Call us to set up an arrangement.
      • Airfreight transport of unaccompanied baggage and personal effects to destinations around the globe.
      • Excess baggage solutions to airports worldwide
      • Door to Airport service
      • Door to door services (only selected cities) – contact us to confirm applicable areas
      • Seafreight service (only selected cities) – contact us for inquiries and details

We can assist you in packing your belongings. Our staff offers professional packing services and materials. Talk to our team to arrange your packing schedule and all required packing resources. Depending on your consignment and destination, Discount Excess Baggage services come with insurance coverage. Other services include weekend, holiday and after hours collection, baggage weighing, paperwork, and payment processing.

We work with respected carriers and airlines to ensure safe and timely deliveries. We observe airport regulations and customs policies strictly. This allows us to transport items without trouble and delay. It usually takes 7-10 days for items to arrive.

Our team works on delivering timely solutions not just in Perth but also in different parts of the globe. We provide our services to areas such as Australia (Perth), UK (London), New Zealand (Auckland), South Africa, and Singapore. Discount Excess Baggage guarantees protection of consignment and personal information. Our security protocols prevent third party access to your items and personal information.

Contact our team for inquiries and information on rates and other packages.

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